Stewart Gillagan "Stewie" Griffin is a main character in the animated comedy series Family Guy. Stewie is

Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin



Full Name

Stewart Gilligan Griffin


of American and Irish Decent


Parents:Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin

Siblings:Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin

Pet: Brian Griffin

the Evil Intelligent Baby of the Griffin family once obsessed with world domination and Matricide.


Stewie Griffin is a One Year old Baby Obsesed with Conquering the World. Stewie is potrayed as being Highly Intelligent, Cruel, And Violent. Stewie Spends alot of his time plotting and attempting to Murder his Mother Lois, Apprantley holding a grudge against her because of his nine monthes stay in her "Ovarian Bastille".At the Beginning of the series Nobody understands or Aknowledges what he is trying to say to or tell them. However there have been rare events of them understanding and aknowledging what he is saying. Also In Later seasons it is Revealed that Brian can communicate with and understand Stewie. Stewie has commited several acts of violence and brutal crimes including (Grand Theft Auto, Loan Sharking, Forgery,Assault,Robbery,Blackmailing, And Murder) Among others.